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After an early career as an a cappella singer, mutt-rock bassist and one-man rhythm section, Jim Castaneda has found himself to be a sort of live-looping virtuoso. Nowadays, with the learned ability to create music by seamlessly layering multiple ideas and simultaneously dancing about an array of instrumentation, Jim is defining his sonic space and bringing a great new sound to the northwest music scene.

He has come to call his self-contained concept a ‘Solo Band’, because like some sort of musical octopus, ‘Original Jim’ utilizes guitar, voice, keyboard, a few carefully chosen foot pedals and a fresh approach to percussion to sound more like a small band than a solo act.

Jim’s growing repertoire includes songs from his debut solo album, Beatbox Soul, as well as current ideas and original arrangements of some of his favorite hits. Genre range from pop to folk to country to funk to americanna soul to somewhere outside jazz; with a beat you can feel and just the right amount of improvisation to keep the artist on his toes.

Showtime is 6PM.
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
360-588-1720 | MAP
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